3d cozy interior design

Sell your property beautifully.

Show the best side of your property with a killer makeover. Our interiors and decoration service is designed to generate maximum interest by showing potential tenants and buyers the beauty and potential of your space. We recommend ways to neutralise your interior spaces for buyers and long term renters, and offer design and decoration services for short term lets too. All work is carried out by tradespeople we personally endorse, at excellent rates and to an extremely high standard. Raise the rental value of your property for a small investment, and cut down on expensive empty months.

Discover the true potential of your property.

Is the interior of your property letting it down? Help tenants and buyers see the true potential of your apartment with an inexpensive interior makeover. Our expert interior design team will create a spacious and desirable effect in every room, ensuring your property lives up to its location and promise.

Spend less, achieve more.

Our interiors and decoration service is designed to maximise the desirability of your property without adversely affecting your bank balance. Sometimes, it’s a simple case of rearranging the furniture in an open plan living and dining space to create defined areas for eating and relaxing. In other properties, we’ve transformed the look and feel of a room with a new coat of paint and some beautifully coloured accessories. Bringing out the true potential of your property is our speciality, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Reduce empty periods.

When your luxury apartment looks its best, it will attract more interest from tenants. We’ll show you how to present your property perfectly. For a little investment in decoration or interior design, you could dramatically reduce your time between tenants.

It’s all in the presentation.

Our interiors and decoration team knows what a potential tenant wants to see. In a long term let, presentation shows your future tenants what they could do with the space, by giving them a clean, practical and neutral layout to use as a canvas for their imagination. For short term and corporate lets, our interiors and decoration team will advise you on current trends for appearance and space use, maximising your apartment’s appeal to the market.

Managing your appeal.

We manage lettings for some of the biggest estate agents and most sought after private properties in Docklands and East London. As a fully managed property, your apartment or home can be decorated and designed to increase rental value and bring more interest. Talk to us today about an interior transformation!